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Mission 2020

The 2020 mission, scheduled from April 6 to April 24, unfolded with a series of meticulous preparations and unforeseen challenges.

Logistical Preparations: Donations, both monetary and in-kind, were graciously received. These contributions facilitated the procurement of essential supplies, including medicines, dental materials, and educational recreational items. The riverboat, Doutores das Águas (Doctors Aboard), underwent comprehensive annual maintenance. This encompassed electrical, hydraulic, and general repairs, as well as painting. The meticulous checks extended to all machinery, bed, bath, and table linens, and the crew's uniforms. Two tonnes of materials were transported from São Paulo to Manaus to prepare for the extensive tasks ahead.

Unexpected Turns: As the journey was about to commence, an unexpected alert about the new virus emerged. The scale of contamination exceeded expectations. In response to the escalating threat posed by the new coronavirus, a difficult decision was made to cancel the 2020 trip. This decision, communicated to sponsors and collaborators on March 16, 2020, proved prudent, preventing potentially irreparable damage.

Resourceful Adaptations: To salvage the mission's purpose, measures were taken to analyze and redistribute the stocked materials. All medicines and perishable or short-dated materials were delivered to communities. Given the limitations of our large riverboat for deliveries and the challenging circumstances, smaller boats were rented to efficiently reach riverside communities.

Community Outreach: In collaboration with community health agents, the materials were dispatched to communities along the Jauaperi River in Roraima, benefitting 210 families (approximately 1,100 inhabitants) with 1,960 complete dental, hygiene, and medication kits.

Similarly, communities along the Abacaxis River in Amazonas witnessed our support, reaching 26 communities (about 1,900 inhabitants) with 2,000 complete dental and hygiene kits and 145 complete boxes of medicines.

Teaming up with the Solidarity Association in the Unini and Jaú rivers communities (RESEX), an additional 210 complete basic food baskets (totalling 11 tons of food) were delivered to the elderly, demonstrating our commitment to providing aid and support even amid unforeseen challenges.



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