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Colgate's Compassion Flows: 3,000 Oral Hygiene Kits Bring Smiles to Riverside Children

In April, Doutores das Águas embarks on another Amazon journey aboard its hospital boat, delivering crucial medical, dental care, and socio-environmental education to riverside communities alongside the Negro and Madeira rivers.

Preparations for the expedition are underway!

Colgate, a longstanding ally of Doutores das Águas, has pledged the donation of 3,000 children's oral hygiene kits, comprised of toothpaste and toothbrushes, for riverside children.

The material will be utilized by the Socio-Environmental Education team throughout brushing sessions gifted to the children.

This ensures the continuation of proper oral hygiene practices even after Doutores das Águas departs, leaving a lasting impact on these remote communities.

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