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Doctors Aboard Earns "You and Peace" Trophy in 2023

In a moment of recognition, Doutores das Águas (Doctors Aboard) proudly received the esteemed "You and Peace" trophy, generously sponsored by the Ypê company in 2023.

The "You and Peace" Trophy, an annual accolade, is bestowed upon companies, individuals, and organizations demonstrating remarkable efforts in fostering renewed thoughts, influencing changes in attitudes, and initiating actions that lead to tangible transformations. The 11th edition of this initiative acknowledged and honored the impactful work of Doutores das Águas.

The awards ceremony unfolded in Amparo, located in the countryside of São Paulo, with Dr. Francisco Leão, the organization's co-founder and medical area coordinator, representing Doctors Aboard.

Special gratitude extends to Ms. Ana Maria Veroneze Beira, Ypê's managing partner, who nominated Doutores das Águas for this prestigious award. Her nomination underscores the organization's unwavering commitment, providing medical, dental care, and socio-environmental education to riverside communities in the Amazon.

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