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Santa Joana Group's Generosity Enhances Diagnostic Capabilities for Riverside Healthcare

In a notable gesture of support this November, Doutores das Águas (Doctors Aboard) received valuable assistance to fortify its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare to the Amazon's riverside communities. The Santa Joana Group graciously donated a Voluson E6, a versatile ultrasound machine renowned for producing top-notch patient images.

Effective immediately, the device will become an integral part of the organization's medical arsenal, on board its ambulatory riverboat during the upcoming 2024 mission. Dr. Rosana Richtmann, a dedicated volunteer doctor with the organization, emphasizes the positive impact this equipment will have on imaging diagnoses.

"This equipment will significantly enhance the quality of our imaging diagnoses. The primary beneficiaries will undoubtedly be the pregnant riverside women and their babies," she affirms. This generous contribution from the Santa Joana Group will amplify the capacity of the entire Doutores das Águas team to provide enhanced medical services to those in need.

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